Maybe in a few years I'll look back at this and reflect.

Road Trip! - Day 1

March 23, 2019

Vacation time and for me that means Road Trip! In the past I have taken my truck or rented a car, this trip it will be with the Barracuda. So stay tuned and I'll post updates from the road, no itinerary is being posted to keep it interesting.

Day One: 1:05 PM - 280 miles

Rolled out at 7:20 and just as I get going it starts raining, for the first 150 miles it it rained and as I passed through King City it stopped. I had a couple stops and detours for this leg but with the rain it wasn't worth it.

I stopped for a gas at 208 miles with 18.24 MPG.

Just finished up lunch (Habit in San Mateo) and the weather is great.

Still Day 1: 4:00 pm - 165/373 miles

I Continued up the 101 to 380/280 and ultimately the 1, once I was back on the 101 I didn't clear traffic till past Santa Rosa.

Gas stop, because of traffic, 14.95 MPG

Saw a little rain a few miles back but think I shoud have time for my next planed stop.

Born and raised in California, I have been just about everywhere, I cannot believe I have never been by Clear Lake. The road in was fun, I thought I'd have a chance to test out the newly installed sway bar and disc brakes, lots of twist and turns but narrow, I wanted to enjoy the view so I moved over to let cars go by.

Just off the 101 heading to Clear Lake, no traffic so I just stopped to take this picture.

Just past the summit, first look at the lake.

Wrong time of day but a cool shot none the less.

At a rest stop north of Willits.

If it wasn't so late I would have done Avenue of the Giants (again). Initially I was going to stay in Garberville but there is only one (decent) place to stay and no good options on food. Had I stayed there I could have done the Redwoods tomorrow, good chance I'll take the car on a trip like this again.

It got dark pretty quick and I pushed through to Fortuna, I left my notes in the car so no miles or MPG

Overall the car did great, recent rebuild on the engine with enough shakedown miles (I hope).

Limited time with a fair amount of miles to cover so not a lot of room for different visits, I didn't even know what my route was going to be till Thursday.

Tomorrow is open, no set stops but I do have a destination.