1999 Chrysler Sebring JXi


Ever since the Sebring Convertible came out in 1996 it was the car I had to have. I didn't even need to drive it know that it was right for me. A friend of mine rented one and I jumped at the opportunity to pop the top and hit the road. Everything about it was comfortable; the size, the power, the handling, it reminded me of what my Barracudas felt like just tighter. The Neon's were fun in their own way but this car had it all. Over the next couple of years whenever I needed to rent a car this is what I got. Finally in May of 1999 while I was at the dealer to pick up my Neon after being serviced I enquired about the Sebring's. My lease on the '97 Neon was about to end and I was hopping that I would have better luck this time. Well two hours later I was on my way home in this car and that was without a test-drive. Since they came out I looked at the colors that were available and kept thinking about what combination I would like to have. The first was the classic deep metallic red with a tan top and interior. I had also felt that a black one with a tan top and interior would be nice also until I saw one, you loose some of the styling in the black car, it just didn't work for me. For the longest time I thought it would be the emerald green with the tan top and interior until I saw a silver Convertible Jaguar with a black top and that was it, to bad at the time no silvers on the Sebring. Needless to say the green Limited with a tan top and two-toned interior didn't have a chance against this one, those were the only two they had on the lot. This car could not have been equipped more perfectly.


  • Sebring JXi
  • Slate Convertible
  • 2.5L V-6 Automatic
  • CD-Changer
  • Power Everything

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