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About MrMopar and MrMopar.com

I have been a Mopar fan almost since the day I was born. My family has a long history of Mopar's in the family but it was the 1967 Barracuda that my Grandfather owned that hooked me, it is the first Mopar that I owned and the only one that has been kept. I have become quite good and decoding the 67 Mopar's as well as 68 & 69's but with lesser ease. I hope to share this info here on his site but feel free to ask for help decoding if needed.

MrMopar.com! started out around 1997. The idea that I could build a web page and publish it for the world to see was too intriguing. At the time I felt Mopar's was my best choice, in retrospect I think should have gone with my first choice of Barracuda's.

Even as I built my first pages I still had no name for the site and actually hadn't though about having my own domain name. At first the first pages went up as "Uncle Al's Mopar Mecca" from people talking to me about the first test pages, the site quickly came into shape. The MrMopar domain was later registered and worked into this version.

Sometime about 1999 I realized that I was overextending myself in designing this site and would never do much of it so a redesign was in order. The second generation was the first to start using scripts, layers and style sheets and overall more effort went into the graphics. Needless to say the site became labor intensive and started to be neglected.

Over the last few years I have done some pages for other organizations and companies. In doing these I found that simpler was better and felt that it was time to bring that approach home and apply it to MrMopar.com! and again simplifying the site.


Alan Erland


1967 Barracuda

1969 CHP Polara

1970 D-200

1969 Polara