1994 Plymouth Neon Sport


My 94 Neon had really been good to me for the three years I had it, lets just say I didn't return the favor. Anyway in 1997 it was needing a big repair and I saw this as a way to try to get into the Sebring Convertible. Well that did not go but I chose to still get something new with more pep than I had, not that the Neon didn't have power I was just use to more. I opted for a stealthy white 4 door Sport. Well power it had, stealthy well I didn't even have the car 24 hours before I got a ticket. This Sport was a trade-off with the 94; it had no antilock breaks, cruise control, power locks and auxiliary interior lighting, what it did have was the 150hp engine and road wheels.


  • Neon Sport
  • White 4 door
  • 150hp 5 speed
  • Air Conditioning
  • Road Wheels (Standard on all Sports in '97)
  • Spoiler (Standard on all Sports in '97)
  • Door pockets (Standard on all 4 door Neon's in '97)

Shot from the "1997" Sales Brochure

Only picture of my car.
(which I need to find and scan)