1994 Plymouth Neon Sport


In 1994 I had just started a new job and was commuting 50 miles one way in the 73 Barracuda. At that time it had the engine from my 67 and was having difficulties getting it through the strict smog check in California. Not having a lot of money to put a new engine and collect up the necessary parts to attempt to get it through smog I chose to park it. I qualified to get a loan that was good enough to get me a New 1994 Neon. "1994"? you say "But 1995 was the first year for the Neon"! The the world of corporate advertising that may be true, but in the world of automobile production it is not.


  • Neon Sport
  • Red 4 door
  • 132hp 5 speed
  • Air Conditioning
  • Cruise Control
  • Loaded as best as it could be in 1994

Notable Differences

  • In 1994 All Neon's had the standard hood including the Sports.
  • In 1995 All Sports had the bulged hood inc.the standard engine.
  • In 1994 All Neon's had standard 4 lug steel wheels.
  • In 1995 All Sports had Road Wheels.
  • In 1994 No Neon's had Spoilers
  • In 1995 All Neon Sport's had Spoilers

Shot from the "1994" Sales Brochure

Shot from the "1995" Sales Brochure
(I still need to scan the 95 one)

Not available in 94 but were in 95
  • 150hp DOHC
  • Road Wheels
  • 2 Door
  • Door pockets
  • Seat back pockets
  • Power windows
  • Nitro Green
  • Leather interior
  • Confetti upholstery
  • Spoiler
  • Hood bulge