1969 Dodge Polara - California Highway Patrol
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Motor Time

January 21, 2013

Well finally I’m going to get into the motor. First up was the water pump housing, but thought I’d remove the bad thermostat housing off it came one broken bolt, ok that’s how it is going to be, great! I couldn’t get a grip on the heater hose fittings so I used a open end wrench on the bolt last and left them. Next up were the valve covers, no problems. Rockers all look to be in great shape. On to the intake, a couple of the bolts came out with what looked like a rubber sleeve turned out to be sealant. Valley pan, yuk. Not bad, overall the inside looks good, some water got in but overall not bad.

The cylinders are what we’re all just waiting to see. The right side came off with no problems and was quickly apparent why it will not spin. The three cylinders that were down all had debris and one an oily goo. On too the left side. The left side still had the exhaust manifold in place, not a problem to I get to one of the tube nuts that with little effort was rounded. A bolt extractor was inserted and the torch fired up, wrench on stand on it crack, it was loose. The left side was far better shape just some very minor surface rust. The six cylinders that I could get too were scoured with a fine sandpaper cleaned and WD-40 sprayed around the edges, we’ll see.

The work was wrapped up with removing the starter. Not so simple on of the bolts is blocked buy the transmission cooler line bracket.

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