1969 Dodge Polara - California Highway Patrol
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Filthy Mess, part 3

January 20, 2013

Today was just a mirror image of yesterday just with different problems. The shock came out relatively quick as did the adjuster bolt, so I was set to knock the torsion bar out. On the other side I loosened the lower control arm nut and knocked it back and the bar came right out, this time the control am picot just spun so I couldnít loosen it enough to knock the bar loose. It was off to a friendís house to borrow his impact wrench and torsion bar tool. Having the tool I didnít need to have the pivot loose to knock the bar out just clamp the tool on and bump it out, real easy too easy.

Iím not exactly sure what the intended use of the clamp is other than I know it was from an electric utility company, needles to say I want one.

This time I opted to do most of the upper ball joint removal with the spindle still attached that kept it stable. For some reason the cotter pins on this side fought me all three that I tried to get out ended up breaking in pieces before I got them free.

With the suspension cleared I moved on to brake lines and splash shields. One of the hose connections just wouldnít break free so it came off with the bracket. One of the connections to the distribution valve was disconnected and the assembly was removed in two pieces.

The day was wrapped up with removing the shifter and other hardware on the motor. Tomorrow I hope to have the rest of the motor cleared and if all goes well Iíll have my first look inside. For those who may not recall this motor is seized.

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