1969 Dodge Polara - California Highway Patrol
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Let there be White!

January 6, 2013

With the holidays behind us it is back to work. The blocking on the final primer has started and about half the car was done. A guide coat was applied to better show what has been sanded, it sits in the texture of the primer and as you sand the texture off it goes away.

Commingled in with the sanding a test panel was sprayed with what I hope is the correct white. Not wanting to try and sample aged paint I was determined to find the paint specified by CHP in numerous pieces of literature, a Ditzler/PPG color DQE-8000. I checked with the local PPG dealer (as well as the Dupont) with no luck, the code just wasnít in their system. They felt that if they had a vehicle reference they may have better luck. Bound and determined I searched the internet looking for a sit that had this number listed or an application that could be verified. Well perseverance paid off and I found a site that not only listed this code but had vehicle types along with cross-references to Dupont which was what I was planning on using.

The website first had about 30 different matches listed not all the same color till you realize that the list also had 80001, 80004 and 80007 listed. With those filtered out there were 14 remaining. I still wanted to see the number on a paint chip sheet so I started looking them up and the reference sheets that they have were not that well scanned so you couldnít read the numbers. With some additional searching I was able to locate one and the number was a typo so that one was out, now a lucky 13 left. The rest of the list all looked to be similar being labeled Fleet. Next up was 1947 GM Fleet White but no sheet to be found, on to 1955 GM Fleet, BINGO we have a match.

On to the pant store with the new information. I showed them my list and they looked up the listed as the Dupont version and they had it in their system so I got a small quantity. At first glance the color wasnít what I was expecting but I had him proceed as I had the paint and wanted to see it on a panel. Once that panel dried I took some of the cut off pieces and placed them on the panel, initially they didnít look the same and on one of the pieces the black paint was sanded off to revel the original white below it. Now weíre talking, through all this as you looked at all the pieces you saw it differently as the lighting varied. Bottom line Iím happy with the match but I still would like to see it by Ronís car out of curiosity.

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