1969 Dodge Polara - California Highway Patrol
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Primer be done!

December 15, 2012

Well it is at that point I can say body work is DONE! The workday started off with finishing the filler on the roof and passenger fender, once that was done the areas were masked off and primered.

Once that was done I took some recently discovered paint codes to the auto paint supply shop and checked into what could still be mixed up without going through the matching process. One of the numbers came up and a pint was purchased. Next up will be to shoot a sample panel and compare it to some of the cut off pieces and Ronís car.

The jams still need to be sanded and some other parts prepped before we can go into the booth. With still needing to confirm the color Iíll have time to get all the parts ready before scheduling the booth. The final blocking will be done right before it goes in the booth

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