1969 Dodge Polara - California Highway Patrol
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There is a front

October 14, 2012

First thing was to install the front sheet metal, Iím not sure if not having the frame made it easier or not. While we were prepping the hood to install I noticed a fare amount of rust, no cancer but enough to create noise when you moved to hood (loose stuff between the layers). The decision was to go with the hood off the parts car.

An hour and a half later it was all together and work resumed of the skim work. At the time I first looked at the car I only spotted a couple dents, the tiny one above the right front wheel is now gone. Another small one on the bottom forward of the wheel was discovered and fixed.

The old hood was salvaged of all it parts including the rotten insulation. The work wrapped up with putting primmer on the rest of the right side.

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