1969 Dodge Polara - California Highway Patrol
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A little off the top

August 28, 2012

The evening started out finishing up the repair in the antenna mount area. I stepped out to get a nut to repair the shoulder belt mount, upon return the patch was done. While I worked to remove the plate for the shoulder belt mount he was moving onto the roofline where I had previously installed the replacement window section. In his cleaning it up he spotted some pin holes and questioned me about them, I indicated that there was 1-1/2 of metal underneath from the replacement section that was part of the roof from that car. After a little talk we chose to cut that same amount off the roof and but weld the roof to the section. Once he had it opened up I was glad we chose to do this.

The shoulder belt was something that Dodge installed custom just for CHP and the nuts were pressed into a plate that was welded into the b-pillar. The plate needed to be removed so a new nut could be welded in.

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