1969 Dodge Polara - California Highway Patrol

I'm Back!

August 14, 2012

Well quite some time has passed since the last update and work as well. The decision was made to recruit some help and knock out the rest of the rust repair. The trunk pan and extensions need work and we felt it was better to just fix several problems with a single patch. The other thing was the use of plain sheet metal stock, Iíd rather not but more rather not wait and spend the money it would take to acquire a solid trunk pan and have it install. When done with all the equipment installed it is impossible to move the trunk mat at all. Although these cars were not undercoated I do plan on fully undercoating the car so that will also mask what little may be seen if someone was to actually look under the car.

August 15, 2012

My assistant wasnít able to show so I spent some time on some areas that heíll be working on next. I still hadnít removed all the seam sealer on the driver side wheel well and had hopes that it would be ok, well there are holes, nowhere as bad as the other side but still there.

August 18, 2012

Once again sparks are flying! The other side of the trunk floor was opened up and patched much like the passenger side, with this being done the trunk floor is done. I was about to say the rust repair is done but the plan now is to cut open the c-pillars and fix the seam that is bulging because of rust.

With the floor opened up I noticed a reinforcement in the frame section, not sure what it is for but Iím guessing a rear sway bar mount?

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