1969 Dodge Polara
California Highway Patrol


First Place!

April 22, 2012

Last weekend was the Annual Spring Fling Mopar show in Van Nuys that I have gone to for the last 20 plus years. Last year I got second place for my Barracuda, this year I chose to take the CHP car and put it in the Work in Progress class and might as well put the truck in the show as well.

For starters the show is a 140 mile drive (one way), I headed down the Friday before the show and left the car at my parents house for the Saturday. Sunday morning I get to the show and they kept trying to steer me towards the swap, once in I setup the car and move the truck over with the trucks. In the Work in Progress class there were about 6 cars in various states of being worked on (or not being worked on). The car drew lots of attention largely out of curiosity, they’d check out the car along with the display, one guy all but took out a tape measure in taking notes on the tow bar assembly. At the end of the day all my efforts on the car and the display paid off, First Place!

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