1969 Dodge Polara
California Highway Patrol



February 22, 2012

Like any project frustration set in and I had to just take a break. Back at it and I replaced a portion of the rear floor, when I went to remove the replacement from the parts car I ran into difficulties with freeing it from the car. It turns out the four door hardtops are structured a little differently and I had to cut through a second layer that was reinforcing the b-pillar.

This along with a couple other small patches were taken care of and the rest of the floor was sanded (ground) clean. The firewall around the heater box was finally finished and the rest of the firewall was sanded down. I continued the sanding on the interior and pretty much have the entire interior sanded down.

Under the dash the surface rust was pretty heavy but it knocked down pretty well. I have found that a multi-tool (sander with a small triangular pad) to be the best and sanding odd surfaces and was able to get to 98% of the area and only needed to hand sand a couple spots.

Iím looking to recruit help on the window channels and hope to have that resolved in a few weeks.

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