1969 Dodge Polara
California Highway Patrol


Trunk lid

January 30, 2012

I didn't have much time for the car but I was able to get the trunk lid on. The original was to rusty to save so the one from the parts car was used.

Not much to say other than I was able to do it myself even though it is heavy. I put the catch back on the car as well. I'm sure I'll have this off a few more times before this project is done but I like seeing the car with it installed.

January 31, 2012

Had some time before I went to work so I did some sanding on the trunk lid and firewall (pictures to follow).

February 2, 2012

There is an alignment issue with the trunk lid that doesnít have an adjustment for, I have an idea how it happened. Soon as I can look at my other Polara Iíll have a better idea on the problem.

In Thursdayís class I did some work on the rear window, small cleanup before I start the patches in the frame. In fitting a patch I dropped it into the pocket behind the rear door, with a magnet tool I was able to retrieve it along with lots of rusty metal granular, Iíll need to get in there and clean that out better.

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