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October 27 – November 17, 2011 - Class work continues

The car has been taken to class a few times now.

The work is focused on getting the rear window installed, so the floors will wait. The thinking is that I want to maximize the use of the class and that is to get the car painted and the floors can be done later if needed (although I doubt I'll need to worry about that)

Both wheel well tops have been rebuilt just need some mud work.

I worked on fitting the rear window section. I still needed to trim the edges back more to leave only 3/8" for the flanging tool, trimmed a few areas of conflict and had it fitting real tight, still can be better.

I need to support the trunk gutter and lock it in place, put the trunk lid in and position the window section. With everything properly position I'll then put a handful of screws it to hold it and realign it when I pull it out.

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