Thinking Outside The Box

March 1, 2011

Today’s update may be short but it is big. One thing about being a rookie and not knowing what you are doing means that you have different ideas. I’m known for being a little unconventional in the way I approach some projects, I look at what needs to be done and I look for ways of doing it. Right up front I knew that the approach that I was looking at was different but felt that if I could do it I would save a lot of work.

Because of the amount of rust on the interior areas around the rear window I looked at ways to put the replacement in as a single unit. Typical convention would have you splitting a zillion spot welds just to put them back together. Here I just had to remove the two quarter panel braces in the trunk and with some persuasion I was able to get the replacement section most of the way into place. I may need to make a few relief cuts to get it to fully go in but I still need to pull it back out to clean it up and do some other repairs.

The thing about thinking outside the box is not knowing what the box is. This was a proof of concept and I’m now set to move in this direction.

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