Budget Priorities

November 9, 2010

No project like this can be done without money and this project like my Barracuda will be done by saving first then spend so a priority needs to be setup.

For the most part I'm only listing the bigger expenses ($100+).

As items are done the amount will be adjusted and noted done.

The first item, Project X is something I'll talk about once it is done. The bodyshop charges weekly for work done and they'll be given a budget so those items will be spread out over time.

December 4, 2010

Project X is not happening, couldn't get it done at a good price to make it worth it.

I received the plates and they were wrong so replacements are on the way.

February 4, 2011

A decision was made to do the major rust repair myself, with a savings of probably $3000 and maybe six months.

In working on the Barracuda I killed my compressor so I felt a heavier duty one was in order along with some tools.


Tow Bar$250
Engine kit$700
Engine machine work$700
Dash Pad$600
License Plates$170

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