Maybe in a few years I'll look back at this and reflect.


When I got this car I knew it was unique but I didn't realize how rare it was. Up front I knew there were 573 originally built and that included all engines. In 1969 the 318 was standard and you could get both versions of the 383, and if you really looked hard you could get the HP 440.

Once I started looking into it I started realizing how rare it was, there are no records of how many of the cars were equipped with the 440, I was hearing numbers from 5% up to 15% working out to about 25-85 cars.

In looking into the rarity I learned of another one in the Netherlands that is a survivor with a repaint.

Soon after that learned of another with just a first name, it was enough to track down the owner. I learned that it is a project and he pointed me in the direction of yet another one.

As of right now I know who owns it and I'm currently waiting a reply back from them. My understanding it is also a project.

If you own one contact me at

Build DateColorInteriorTopStatus ACBrakesCruiseRadioRH MirrorSuper-liteSpring Special
10/8/1968B7BlueWhiteProjectBuddy SeatStandardDrumNoAMNoUknownUknown
12/12/1968 - MineB9BlueWhiteUnder RestorationConsoleStandardDiscYesAM/FMYesYesYes
3/14/1969Y4WhiteBlackSurvivor (w/repaint)ConsoleATCDiscYesAM/FMYesNoYes