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I think I started looking for another vintage Mopar around 1995, the idea was to find a driver not another project.  It wasn't till Spring of 2004 that I actually made an effort to look with true intend to buy.  Without a doubt I had my eyes on finding a 67-69 Barracuda but I quickly realized that I wasn't going to find a driver in my price range.  So I set my sights on another A-Body and I figured that I might as well look at the opposite end of the spectrum, a 4-door Valiant.  The original target vehicle was a 67-72 Base model, slant 6, 3-speed in white, tan or soft yellow.  Didn't quite nail it but I'm not disappointed, here is how the car looks based on the fender plate and as it sits:

THE CAR: Source
  • VL41
  • Valiant-100 V-8 $2291.00 VIN
  • 351
  • Accessory Group - Basic $160.85  
  • Radio - AM
  • Data Plate
  • Power Steering
  • Equipped
  • Wheel Covers - Deluxe
  • Package*
  • Variable Speed Wiper
  • Equipped
  • 395
  • Automatic Transmission $180.90 Equipped
  • 487
  • Cigar Lighter $3.70 Equipped
  • 471
  • Cleaner Air Package $25.00 Data Plate
  • 522
  • Tinted Windshield $14.05 Data Plate
  • 536
  • Left Remote Mirror $6.85 Equipped
  • 13
  • Tires 7.00 x 13 WSW $31.60 Data Plate
    TOTAL: $2713.95  

    * You need to keep in mind that the car is over 37 years old and I have no broadcast sheet on it.  The car does sport a set of standard hubcaps not wheel covers but then again it does now have 14" wheels so the wheel covers would have had to go, this is probably the case.  This is the only thing about the car that is a question, Wheel Covers? or Hubcaps?

    In May 2004 the car showed up on eBay and was located in Sacramento, 360 mile away.

    Shot from eBay

    All cleaned up

    Engine before

    All pumped up

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