June 28, 2010

Ron Hurwitz and I went to a car show in the Bay area and was quite late just getting back to Lompoc. He chose to stay in Lompoc and drive the additional two and a half hours home in the morning. The problem was his car would not fit in my garage so we made arrangements for him to park it in my brotherís garage.

August 29, 2010

My parents were working on a new deck and needed some lumber, I had already planned on driving down to help them but wasnít able to borrow a truck from one of the brothers so I took the Barracuda. While at the hardware store people were looking at us as if we were from Mars, Iím not sure if it was because of the car or that we were able to put the eight footers most of the way into a car.

September 4, 2010

Lompoc Police Department & Special Olympics Car Show, this was the second year for me at this show, last year I had the car in the Muscle Car class and didnít place (there are only first places), I donít recall if there was a Mopar class or I just didnít see it. Either way I won the trophy for this year against three other cars, two of them being bone stock late model cars.

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