1967 Plymouth Barracuda


June 19, 2005

This is it, I recruited a friend to help me with the bodywork and paint the car. I spent most of the time scrubbing the engine compartment and the underside of the hood, while he cleaned up the bodywork on the quarter panel, front and rear valances.

Sometime in the afternoon my brother stopped by and we took advantage of him being there. A 2" oak dowel that was about 3 feet long and cut the end to a chisel point, with that I held one end inside the quarter where the striker peg was while my friend held the other and my brother hit the end with a 10lb piece of steel. In short work we had the door jamb pushed forward and out back in place, couple hours later it was smoothed and mudded.

Over the next few days I played with the filler on the area till I was happy with all the contours.

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