1967 Plymouth Barracuda



I finally had the resources to have the engine rebuilt for the second time, now I was a little wiser, I went with a recommendation of Valley Head Service in Northridge, CA. For a while we didnít know what we were going to do; best they could get the bores cleaned out to was .60 over and they were having a difficulties finding pistons, custom pistons were out of the questions as was a new block. New pistons were located and we were back in business. This time I had a red engine. They also had difficulties trying to locate a proper 273 balancer.

Car ran great, married, money was good, I was happy! It was decided that if we were going to keep the car we might as well restore it, so the disassembly started. In the process the engine was relocated to the í73 Barracuda that I had with no engine. Not as simple as it would you would think, needless to say I fudged it. Now for the downslide; car apart, money in the bank... great job ends! Money starts to fade... Divorce!

That was 1993, the car and parts were put into storage. For a couple years the car was in a Self-Storage then for another year it was in my brothers garage. All this time I lived two hours miles away. After being in my brotherís garage for a year he was starting to need the space so the car was moved to my other brotherís yard for another year. In October 2000 I got a new job in Lompoc, CA so I moved into a house with a garage, for the first time in almost eight years the car was back in my garage.

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