1967 Plymouth Barracuda



Just my luck, take a thirty-year-old car with no damage and someone will hit it. Only problem nobody saw it happen. I returned home from work to find the front fender pushed back, with bits of a taillight around it.

I took some pictures and called to police, he said there was not much they could do without a witness. So I decided it was up to me to figure it out, I puzzled the taillight back together with hopes I could ID it. After a few wrecking yards it was finally ID’ed as a 1980-81 Mazda GLC. So I call the cop back with the news, still no help. Now I knew what I was looking for, I asked the neighbors if the new anybody who had a Mazda GLC, again no help. Well I was on my own, several weeks later I spotted a blue (I had a 2” patch of paint also left) Mazda GLC with a broken taillight, more pictures.

Again back to the police with the plate, car had been sold and not yet reregistered, all the seller knew was some kid bought it. So I decided a stakeout was in order, the next day I sat in the parking lot where I saw the car (which was there again) and waited for the driver to come out. In time a high school kid came out and drove off, I followed (not in my Barracuda) him to his house. Again I contacted the police with this new information and was told they could not charge him without a witness, I simply told him I just want my car fixed. The cop agreed to go talk with him; a week later I called the officer and asked if he had the chance to talk with the kid, he said, “Ya mean he didn’t call you? He will tonight!” That evening I got a call from a very sheepish kid to apologize for hitting my car and asked if we could keep this away from his insurance company, I sad fine, open checkbook. When his mother came to write the check for $1200 she said the car isn’t even worth that, I showed her the estimates, I was being nice some were much higher, I had her pay for the one where the car was going.

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