1967 Plymouth Barracuda




It was November 1966 and my Grandfather was in the market for a new car, his Valiant Signet was recently wrecked. His first stop was Guy Moothart Chrysler Plymouth on Long Beach Boulevard in Compton California. After looking around the lot at all the new í67 models he wasnít impressed, he didnít like the Valiantís, the Belvedereís were to big and the Furyís were out of the question. They still had í66 Barracudaís on the lot and the 67ís were not out yet, he did look at them, just didnít see one that he liked, so off he went. Before he could leave a salesman stopped him and informed him that the All New í67 Barracudas would be in tomorrow. The next day my Grandparents showed up at the dealer and spotted a Copper Fastback sitting in the porte-cochere, without hesitation they selected that car. He did ask about more power but when he found out that the 383 would mean no power steering he said forget it, the salesman failed to mention the Commando 273. So the deal was in motion, Redline tires were added to the car before they signed the deal and they returned to have the rocker mouldings added.

As a kid I have fond memories of the car and the trips that were taken with my Grandparents. On one outing we were simply going to the hardware store to buy corrugated fiberglass sheets to put on the patio cover. On the way out to the car the employee that was helping us asked where our truck was, my Grandfather proceeded to point to the Barracuda. The employee asked if we needed rope to tie the panels to the roof, without hesitation my Grandfather said ďno we are going to put them in the trunkĒ with all seriousness and opened the trunk. The bewildered employee help slide the 10í sheets into the trunk.

Over the years the car served as his daily driver taking him to and from work, about a 10 mile round trip. He kept it garaged when not in use but there was little he could do to protect it against the San Gabriel Valley sun while he was at work. In 1985 he decided that the car was to old and didnít want to worry about driving an old car that may need work. He first went to Plymouth and couldnít believe they didnít have a sport coupe, same with Dodge, so off to Chevy. After looking at the Camaroís he felt that they were too hard to get into and overall not impressed. Back to Dodge, this time he was looking at trucks, didnít want a full-size so he decided the Ram D50 would do, 4WD stripped.

That is when I got the call to get the car; the dealer didnít offer him enough to make it worth trading in. I had already had my eyes on the Barracuda and knew that he might trade it in, just hoped it didnít happen.

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